In our wide assortment everybody will find a necessary commodity

  • The motor-car lamps

Motor-car lamps are the basic direction of the company DLED, therefore We will be able to pick up an autolamp on any case. The quartz-halogen bulbs, if the regular is defective.  The  light-emitting-diode and gasfilled lamps for the improvement of  the illumination of the road. And similarly xenon that will provide the best visibility of the trafficway, and, will increase the safety of the motion.


  • The light-emitting-diode accessories for a car

The light-emitting-diode accessories will help to distinguish your car on the road, will transform him, and will help to begin to play with new paints. The equalizers on the back glass, the dispersers on a nipple, the mortise projectors in a door, the luminous emblems and the other great deal.

  • A motor-car light-emitting-diode strip

A motor-car light-emitting-diode strip conquered the special attention among fans of the tuning cars. It all depends on the imagination of the owner. The highlight of a salon, the front seats, the podiums, the luggage rack, the «eye-lashes» for the headlights, the highlight of a grate of the radiator, the bottoms and much other.


  • The power modules

The power modules in our shops are presented with an enormous variety. Waterproof and not waterproof power modules.


  • The interior light-emitting-diode strip

The interior light-emitting-diode strip is used for the realization of the design ideas lighting of the apartments and houses.

  • An aluminium profile

An aluminium profile is used for the editing of the light-emitting-diode strip. A profile provides the direct or the dissipated light.

  • A flexible neon and a rope light
  • The concert equipment
  • The lamps, the spotlights, the controllers and the much more

The company's products DLED used as for the home use, so for the large-scale projects.

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